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Two New Books in Korean 2024:

1. <도시는 왜 역사를 보존하는가> [Why Do Cities Preserve History?], 혜화1117, 2024.

2. <도시독법> [How to Read Cities; Revised & Expanded Edition of Exploring Cities with Robert Fouser], 혜화1117, 2024.

New Translation November 2023:

Japanese translation of <외국어 학습담> [Learning Foreign Languages] (혜화1117, 2021) entitled Why Have I Spent My Life Learning Foreign Languages? (僕はなぜ一生外国語を学ぶのか) published by Cuon.

[Books in Korean]

  1. <외국어 전파담 개정판> [The Spread of Foreign Languages, Revised Edition], 혜화1117, 2021.
  2. <외국어 학습담> [Learning Foreign Languages] 혜화1117, 2021.
  3. <로버트 파우저의 도시 탐구기> [Exploring Cities with Robert Fouser] 혜화1117, 2019.
  4. <외국어 전파담> [Spread of Foreign Languages], 혜화1117, 2018.
  5. <서촌 홀릭> [Seochon-hollic], 살림, 2016.
  6. <미래 시민의 조건> [A Manual of Democracy for Koreans], 세종 서적, 2016.

[Books in English]

  1. Hanok: The Korean House (coauthored with Nani Park and Jongkeun Lee), Tuttle, 2015 (reprinted in paperback 2024).
  2. Introductory Readings in L3 (coedited with Britta Hufeisen), Stauffenburg, 2005.
  3. Understanding Korean Literature (translator of <한국문학의 의> by Kim Hunggyu), M. E. Sharpe, 1997. (e-book by Routledge in 2016)