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Two new books in Korean, September 2021:

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[Books in Korean]

  1. <외국어 전파담 개정판> [The Spread of Foreign Languages, Revised Edition], 혜화1117, 2021.
  2. <외국어 학습담> [Learning Foreign Languages] 혜화1117, 2021.
  3. <로버트 파우저의 도시 탐구기> [Exploring Cities with Robert Fouser] 혜화1117, 2019.
  4. <외국어 전파담> [Spread of Foreign Languages], 혜화1117, 2018.
  5. <서촌 홀릭> [Seochon-hollic], 살림, 2016.
  6. <미래 시민의 조건> [A Manual of Democracy for Koreans], 세종 서적, 2016.

[Books in English]

  1. Hanok: The Korean House (coauthored with Nani Park and Jongkeun Lee), Tuttle, 2015.
  2. Introductory Readings in L3 (coedited with Britta Hufeisen), Stauffenburg, 2005.
  3. Understanding Korean Literature (translator of <한국문학의 의> by Kim Hunggyu), M. E. Sharpe, 1997. (Reprinted/e-book by Routledge)